Seeing the Problem for What it is

Chris Woodward | 01/06/2017
Forget the parties involved and focus on the wrong.

How Wise I Hope to Be

Alex McFarland | 12/20/2016
What wisdom can we glean from the Wise Men?

Persecution: An Eternal Perspective

Jordan Chamblee | 12/05/2016
Through the Orange Letter Campaign you can touch the lives of Christians in Syria.

Doctrine Not Optional

Jordan Chamblee | 11/08/2016
What comes into your mind when you think about God?

A Change in Perspective

Jordan Chamblee | 11/07/2016
We all need to adjust our focus, but how?

God and Science Require Faith

Alex McFarland | 11/04/2016
Science that excludes God is a faith system all its own.

The Responsibility of the American Voter

Guest Writer | 11/01/2016
What do a brain surgeon, a retired U.S. Army general, and a lawmaker have to say about the upcoming election?

Why Political Campaigns Get Bitter

Guest Writer | 10/25/2016
The bigger the prize, the stronger the lust.

Created To Reflect

Wesley Wildmon | 10/19/2016
Join the Engage team, Sean McDowell, Alex McFarland, Flame and Cam at C2R