3 Resolutions for 2017

Jordan Chamblee | 12/30/2016
Here are three resolutions that young Christians should strive for in 2017

Pray, Give, Go

Chris Woodward | 12/09/2016
Don't stop with writing a letter, keep serving the persecuted church.

30 and Single

Kendra White | 11/15/2016
When your timetable is different from God's.

We Need Mentors

Jordan Chamblee | 11/08/2016
Your friends may be smart, but your mentors must be wise.

A Thought on the Pharisee and the Publican

Chris Woodward | 11/07/2016
Some people forget where they came from. Others fail to see souls in need of a Savior.

Knowing is Half the (Spiritual) Battle

Chris Woodward | 11/04/2016
You have memorized your Chick-Fil-A order, what about Scripture?

Know in Stillness

Myra Gilmore | 09/28/2016
There is much activity in being still.

The Shame of Saying No

Jim Shempert | 09/28/2016
Regardless of what we think in the moment, there is no benefit to saying no to God.

Living Like Christ is Your Treasure

Jordan Chamblee | 09/26/2016
Do you portray Christ as a priceless treasure or a rusty crown?